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As a Team Leader or HR manager, you help your people to succeed. Wiserstate is a guided personal development platform. Now you can afford to provide personalized development sessions with experienced business coaches to all your team members and save their direct managers' time.

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E-coaching = Wiser than e-learning 

Sessions with senior business coaches

Session adapts according to the user's answers

Near conversational experience

10-20x more affordable than 1:1 coaching

Meet our coaches and experts



Marisa Murray (P. Eng, MBA, PCC, Author) is the President and Chief Coach at Leaderley International. A former Partner with Accenture and Vice President at Bell, Marisa brings over 20 years of leadership and consulting experience.



ICF accredited coach, tapping practitioner and former active duty Army Officer. She helps leaders become more confident, build more effective teams, and feel more happy and fulfilled at work and at home.

Why Wiserstate?

Scale: Develop all  your key people 
Provide guided personal & leadership development for all your junior managers and HiPo team members. Your company culture, retention, and productivity will improve. 

Save management’s time 
Experienced business and leadership coaches prepare the development conversations. Direct managers can now save time and focus on the deeper, purely individual issues when coaching and mentoring their team members.


Ensure better 1:1 meetings 

Team members are better prepared and can delve into more in-depth conversations. Their supervisors can use the recorded commitments and other data from Wiserstate as discussion subjects. 

Achieve more with your LD budget 
Our technology provides guided personal development at scale and an affordable price. Save on live 1:1 coaching and mentoring costs and do more with your LD budget. 


How it works for HR

Prioritize personal development areas 
You can define specific areas for each user where you expect them to grow. As a result, your employees will have their mandatory, recommended and optional personal development content. 

Customize content 
You can hide certain content or authors and also add your internal content, this way ensuring a highly personalized content for your employees. 

Track progress and respect privacy 
Management dashboard informs you about the activities and progress of your employees. However, we respect their privacy. Therefore the management can observe their quantitative progress with the mandatory and recommended content, but all the data that was filled in during the sessions remains private to the user. Also, a user's individual content choices remain private. 

Motivate accountability
You can enable accountability tracking, and Wiserstate will ask the user to define and share with his manager or HR department certain information after each session. For example, the employee will describe his changed perspective and commitment - actions he intends to take. This information is then shared with the direct manager or HR department and can be used both for accountability and for better, more in-depth 1:1 meetings.  

How it works for your team

Engaging user experience

The platform provides near conversational experience to the users.  They interact with bite-sized video units that are combined with questions. 


Highly personalized sessions

The user replies to questions, and the user's experience and session content adapt based on the answers provided.


This way, the content, and experience is personalized and guided. 

On-demand access 

Users can access the personal growth e-conversations at any time convenient for them. Also, they can pause and then continue later from where they left. 


Join our pilot program

We are currently in Beta. Our selected pilot customers can use the platform for free, and they share their additional content needs, product feedback and suggestions with us. 

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