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Grow your core team into smarter leaders and faster executors with the Motivio42 startup coaching app.

From founders to founders. 

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of the core team
Bad decisions
Inefficient execution
Unfitting leadership 
That many startups fail
We all have heard the reasons - no market need, ran out of cash, not the right team, etc.  But we believe these are the consequences, not the causes. The causes are much deeper:
No market need
Out of cash
Not the right team
Got outcompeted
Poor product
Startup failure  
Startups do a lot to succeed

Accelerators and incubators
Great to get know-how and grow.

Yet what happens, once the program is over? How about the people who join you after the program?

Mentors and advisors

An invaluable source of insights. 


Yet can you access them as often as you should and how do you provide mentors to everyone in your core team? 

Courses and seminars 

A valuable learning source. 


Yet we forget 75% of the material after 6 days and the information might not be relevant for our current needs.

Books, blogs, and articles

We all read a similar set of them. 


Yet people remember only 10% of what they have read and reading without doing brings no change. 

But the challenges are still there...
How to make smarter decisions
How to execute faster
How to lead the team better
How to retain the best talent
How to upgrade our managers
How to identify and remove personal limitations
How to feel better.
The upgrade chip for your core team
What do Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, and Ben Horowitz have in common? 
They have reached a lot and they all have used coaching. 
Grow your core team into smarter leaders and faster executors with the Motivio42 startup coaching app.

Make smarter decisions

Decisions are answers to questions. Quality of decisions depends on the quality of questions. Get asked the right questions to arrive at better decisions.   

Execute faster 

We help to set priorities, beat procrastination, organize work and execute tasks faster. 

Lead people better

Identify and remove blocks to become a better leader. Train to build rapport, become more assertive, give feedback and motivate team members.

Upgrade and retain all your key people 

Upgrade your whole core team and also increase their loyalty (L&D is among the most appreciated team benefits).

We provide the tools, structure and process management to give access to coaches for all your key people. 

Get emotional support when it's needed

For those companies who also care for emotional hygiene, we unlock access to experienced psychologists that help managers deal with emotional issues. 

How the founders and teams are using it

Identify your needs and goals 

Use the self-assessment tool to identify your needs and goals.

Match with the right coach 

Then, the app matches you with the most appropriate startup coach. All coaches are verified and have proven experience in startup coaching.  The first meeting with the coach is free of charge to confirm the right match.

Talk with the coach 

Schedule the meetings and talk with your coach via call or video. 

Track your progress 

Set your goals and track the progress in the app. Goals can be set by you and also by your employer (personal development goals).  


You can use two types of privacy - private and public goals. Private goals and their details are confidential - only you and your coach see them and they are never shared with your employer. Public goals are shared with your employer. 

Get support when you need it 

Chat with your coach when you need it. The coach will reply to your messages as soon as possible. You can also exchange audio and video messages. 

Your coach also sends you useful information and encouragements. 

Remain anonymous when you want it 

You can have anonymous ad hoc conversations with other coaches via chat or call. 

Amplify the effect with an accountability partner 

Get an accountability partner. Share your goals and progress with each other. Discuss your progress. 

Control your data

You choose which goals are private (shared only with your coach) and which are public (shared with your employer). 

All communication and data are encrypted and available only to the people you choose to share it with. 

Use the self-help tools 

You can get ad hoc support from the self-help tools immediately when you need it. Use the tools to make decisions, beat procrastination, manage stress and more.  

How companies are using it

Manage team members' access  

Manage the team members who can use the app.

They can choose to use their private email addresses for signing in, to keep the full control of their privacy. 

Assess your team members

Score your team members to identify their strengths and development opportunities. 


Define development goals

Based on the assessment, define personal development goals for your team members.

Track the progress and usage 

Track the progress of team members' goals and also the app usage activity.

The employer cannot track the team members' private goals - they are available only to them and their coaches. 

Pay the startup way

You can use the app and the self-help tools for free. 

You will pay for the coaching service, depending on the selected plan and usage activity.

Our passion is professional fulfillment
We founded Motivio with the mission to help people to become more fulfilled at their work and life. 
We believe personal development is at the basis of the job fulfillment. Get to know yourself, your talents and detriments, set your goals, see the path that leads to them, change your beliefs and behaviors, learn new skills to succeed in your journey and apply these learnings daily. 

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