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Guided personal development for Junior managers and High potential employees by professional business coaches and experts. Now you can afford it!


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For junior managers and HiPos

You are a junior manager or a High potential employee, and you care for your personal development. Wiserstate platform is for you.

Personal development and problem-solving


Business and leadership coaching and mentoring is one of the best ways to foster personal development.

You can afford it

You can access professional, certified business coaches and tap into their know-how and power for an affordable price. And private beta currently is free of charge.


It is a personal and professional development platform for junior managers and High potential employees where professional business coaches and experts have prepared problem-solving and personal development e-conversations. 

Much more than a learning course 

The development scenarios are customized and happen in the form of an interactive dialogue. It's like those books and movies where the scenario depends on your choices. 

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