Scale your impact and revenue

Earn lifetime royalties with your know-how and attract new 1-to-1 clients. 

Make a more significant impact on other people's lives by supporting more people to reach your know-how. 

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Wiserstate helps managers to solve team and personal problems. 

For each problem, a qualified expert has prepared a solution video.
Unlike in static video lessons, experts ask questions and react with individual advice.

Reasons to join

1. Scale your impact - Help more people now and in the future.
2. Scale your revenue - Prepare the content once, earn lifetime royalty fees.
3. Attract new 1-to-1 clients - Receive live coaching requests from those users who have liked your pre-recorded scenarios. 

4. Leave a legacy - Blend and store your know-how with the Wiserstate technology. 

Benefits of joining early


1. Higher royalty fees for early authors. 

2. Opportunity to select the most popular topics.

3. You will receive live coaching referrals for free. 

Questions to consider before committing 


Can you prepare the content according to the platform concept? Pre-recorded multi-branch scenarios in video and textual form in terms of:
1. The concept of how it works?
2. The time investment?
3. Being comfortable in front of the camera?​

Who can join

We are looking for experts and coaches who 
1. Have proven track record in at least one of the domains - business, management, psychology, education or military;

2. Preferably, are certified by an internationally recognized credentialing program for coaches or trainers.

Join now
Please, reach out to us by email to 

My life mission is to help others lead a more fulfilled life. Moreover, I'm a tech entrepreneur. Those two vectors combined, led me to co-found 

Our technology, blended with the know-how of like-minded partners of a similar life mission, will help millions of people achieve a more fulfilled life. We firmly believe in it!

We are looking for proven and mission led life and business coaches who will contribute to the platform with their know-how and earn from it.

Ansis Farhad Lipenitis, Wiserstate CEO