More coaching, less selling

Get more clients and save time on sales and administration with the Motivio42 coaching software and marketplace.

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The coaching problem
A lot of time is spent on sales and marketing, and administration.
A time that could be invested in skill development and helping more clients.
Getting clients takes time and is costly
Not only the money spent on advertising. Time is your most valuable asset. Each minute you spend on sales and marketing is a lost income or skill development opportunity. And as more coaches start providing the service, the competition keeps increasing. 
Clients could achieve more
Coach is not a crutch. The coach balances with that concept when needs to ask for assignment statuses, send reminders and encouragements. But what if technology did that?  
Time spent on the administration is time wasted
You either rely on time-consuming manual processes or try to tie together multiple tools not made with coaching in mind. 
Sales and administration solution for coaches
Get more clients and save time on sales and administration with
the Motivio42 coaching software and marketplace. 

Get more clients and save time on sales and marketing 

Get clients from the marketplace and grow your existing client base with referrals. Match with appropriate clients and spend less time on matching interviews. 

Leave the advertising to us and focus on coaching

Listing your profile on the Motivio42 marketplace is simple. Leave all the complexity of digital marketing to us and invest your time in developing the core skills that help you become an even better coach. 

Better results and experience for your clients

Convenient goal and assignments tracking, accountability and self-help tools, scheduling,  interaction, and other clients' tools improve their experience. 

Business clients can provide coaching to all their key employees. Learn more here

Save time on administration 

Automate your processes with a process administration system built with coaching in mind. 

Pay only for the value gained 

Marketplace: we charge a commission when you work with the marketplace clients - there is no listing fee. 

Coaching software: we don't charge a commission when you use the software for your existing clients - there is a standard monthly fee for working with your existing clients.

How coaches are using it

Get clients from the marketplace  

  • Build your online presence with a powerful marketplace profile and a video introduction

  • Get matched with the right clients from the marketplace

Sales and marketing tools for coaches 

  • Attract more clients with your unique content articles 

  • Automate followup interactions with your potential clients

  • Extend your client base with referrals functionality

  • Have a convenient overview of your sales funnel


Save your time on process management 

  • Automated scheduling and re-scheduling 

  • Automated appointment and assignment reminders 

  • Adjustable chat availability and billing

  • Automated invoicing 

Better experience for coaches and clients 

  • Automate coaching surveys (pre and after coaching and sessions)

  • Set and track goals and assignments 

  • Schedule automated follow-ups and micro-interactions

  • Let your clients use the accountability and self-help tools provided by the client app 

Tools for working with business clients 

  • Provide a unified process and pricing plans to the employees of business clients
  • Business clients have convenient administration system to set access to their employees, set and track coaching goals and progress

Pay only for the value gained. No set-up or listing fee.
Working with the clients from the marketplace
When you get a new client through the marketplace, we charge a commission from the revenue earned. There is no set-up or listing fee. 
Using the software to work with your existing clients
When you use the software to work with your existing clients, we charge a monthly software usage fee that depends on the volume of usage. 
Our passion is professional fulfillment
We founded Motivio with the mission to help people to become more fulfilled at their work and life. 
We believe personal development is at the basis of the job fulfillment. Get to know yourself, your talents and detriments, set your goals, see the path that leads to them, change your beliefs and behaviors, learn new skills to succeed in your journey and apply these learnings daily. 

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